“A chip off the old brock”

i am heavily suffocating 

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entirepopulationofamerica hi there. I’m not very good with explaining things but basically I just sketch my compositions to a certain point where I go damn okay I can clean this up now. Then I start cleaning my sketches and dropping in details. I either clean up on the layer of my sketch, or I create an entire new layer and draw the line art out(which i usually don’t do because I’m lazy). 

But honestly it’s really up to you since you’re the one holding the pen. When you feel comfortable with your sketch, and you’re ready clean it up and make it all neat and pretty, then just do it c: 

Trust me, cleaning up a sketch takes a lot of time and effort. So be very very patient! Some times sketches take up a whole week to clean, and I’m not exaggerating. But it’s an enjoyable process so no worries. Have fun drawing!!


"actually, that was due today”


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Dino Lulu by: MizoreAme 

That feel when you miss a canon minion



Freljord by Quirkilicious

So after a month of being in a slump and not drawing anything (except sketch commissions at conventions) I finally sat down to pump out a new piece!

Aaaaaaaanyway hope ya Summoners dig it!